We're almost there, folks! Spring Break is in our future, which means we're so close to being in outdoor weather.  I don't know about you guys, but even though the weather is starting to get nice, we're bored. It's rainy. Puddles are so fun, but the laundry is out of control. Also, I’m loving these sunny days, but it’s still too cold to be outside for a super long time. So until we are consistently outside on our bikes cruising through the neighborhood, I've upped my arsenal of fun things to do, so we can shut off the TV and HANG OUT.  

Here are some of my favorite finds...

1. Get Creative

I need activities that can engage all 4 kids or that are easy enough for the older two (6 and 4) to do on their own so I can help them but also keep the twin 2 year olds occupied so they don't burn the house down.  I also love it when they're not super long crafts because then we can do them before bed as a way to do something fun once the littles have gone to sleep.  And if it's easy enough for the littles to do it too, then it's a major win.  Here are some of my favorites!  


2. Being Active Inside 

Believe you me, we all have energy to burn.  I don't want to buy new toys, so I've decided to rummage through the garage and determine what won't break my house.  The bounce house has been a lifesaver!  


Cosmic Yoga is an oldie but a goodie! I don't know if they like the story or my yoga mat more, but its a fun way to all do something together! 


3. Find new (and old) things to do

It's time to revisit the list of things that are fun around town.  Hayden is in first grade and he's a little light on after school activities, so I've (re)researched fun things he could do after school.  My best source for finding these things is Hulafrog.  I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter for fun family ideas for your local area.

  1. Revolution Fitness
  2. Open Play Indoor Sports Places
  3. Rock climbing
  4. Scene 75
  5. The Aquarium
  6. Trampoline Fun
  7. Pogo Play
  8. Children's Theater
  9. Disney on Ice
  10. Family Series at the Ballet

Consolation idea...Cookies or Quarters

I realize this sounds like a drinking game, but I swear it's not.  As one can imagine, dinner is nuts in our house.  We've devised a reward system that's simple and so far effective! The kids can earn a cookie or a quarter (their choice) for every meal they sit through, with their butt in their seat, with decent manners.  They also have to try and do a good job on their dinner.  If so, they can choose between a cookie or a quarter.  The quarters are adding up quickly and I'm sure we're headed to the candy section of Walgreens soon.  Fine by me! They earned it! 



So cheers to Spring! It's coming! Spring sports are coming! The sun is setting later! Warm weather is starting to sprout! But until it's here to stay, may our patience and our sanity stay with us and may we all find fun things to do as a family!