2018 - The Year of Discipline


I know.  It sounds so boring. Discipline.  Yeeks.  I'm still a kid at heart so the thought of incorporating discipline into my every day sounds gross at first blush, but hear me out.  My husband Chris was reading Shoe Dog about the creator of Nike, and one of the big takeaways is that behind every successful person is the D word.  Discipline.  I haven't been able to shake the thought for weeks - which I know by now means that it's here to stay, trapped in my mind and in my heart - to spin on high like the rest of my thoughts. 

I spent most of 2017 getting organized.  Isn't life interesting in that you start to have babies right as your career is taking off through middle management?  All of a sudden you're really taking great strides a work, moving and shaking, finding what you love and then these amazing kids come along and life's a different ballgame with a different set of rules. It means something different to everyone, but we're all trying to figure out the same thing - how the hell do we do this? So after I knocked the dust off the shit show of 2016 (2 new babies, a new house, starting a freelance career, one less appendix and I can't remember the rest), I spent 2017 getting organized. How do I set up a life with 4 kids, a career and a love for doing fun things? 

So here I am in 2018, feeling like I have my feet under myself again, and looking with doe eyes into the future on what success looks like for me.  In order to find said success, I'm giving discipline a try.  I'm going to start the next Nike.  Just kidding. Gotcha. My hunch is that with this magical discipline, I'll feel like the best version or me and give myself a little breathing room to enjoy life and to grow.

Here are my 2018 Resolutions on Discipline: 

#1 Figure out how to spell disciple. JK. Sort of. Spell check is killing me.  Ok for real...

Be On Time

Sooooo, this is one that rolls over from 2017.  Oops. I was good for the first half of the year but not so hot in the back half. I'm constantly 5 minutes late.  I read one time that those who are late are just overly optimistic in thinking they can fit 1 more thing in before their said commitment.  It's so true! Regardless, I think it shows disrespect to be late so I'm very much so trying to be on time! 5 minutes early to be exact. Although that sounds aggressive, I'm hoping that this will actually just put me there right on time. 

Balance First

This is a year where I'm really trying to ramp up work.  I love what I do and I want to do more of it.  I'm looking for even more substance and depth.  With that comes commitment and challenge, which is great.  On top of that, I love to volunteer.  I love to say yes when asked to help. Balance first makes it on my list, because simply put, if I don't have the balance I know I'll suck at it all.  This is your reminder Betsy, Balance First. 

Eat Clean But Tasty

The resolution for me is not about weight loss (this little post baby/I love pizza and beer pooch is here to stay) but what I always want is more energy! Clean eating really makes me feel great! I feel so much more energy and confidence in making good decisions.  That said there are some sub clauses to this resolution:  #1 - Don't eat the healthy version if it doesn't taste good. The resolution will never last. #2 Always say yes to pizza.  It's my favorite. Lifes too short to not say yes to your favorite things and #3 Say yes to dessert.  I don't like dessert so if I actually feel like eating it, might as well. No deprivation here - just the discipline of making the healthy option the first option.

Be Active 6 Days A Week

This doesn't have to be Orange Theory or Hot Power Yoga 6 days a week, but this does have to be at least 20 minutes of something to get the heart pumping.  I love being active. It's a genuine hobby of mine, it keeps my anxiety at bay and it gets all sort of good thoughts flowing.  It's just a matter of being disciplined to find the time.  

Do Something Good for My Mind Every Day

I really want to learn how to meditate.  At least I think I do.  Ok the jury might still be out this year. It just seems impossible, but I'm going to try.  Other “Good for the mind” ideas are reading before bed, reflecting in the morning over a quiet cup of coffee before the wild ones wake up, being creative or learning a new skill.  I'm excited to find the discipline of giving my mind a regularly scheduled, much needed break.

No Phone Before Bed

I'm pretty horrible at this.  I get sucked into the trap of social media, looking at pics of the kids, reading why Klye Jenner has chosen to keep her pregnancy private (Srsly tho, where's a bump pic). I literally just finished watching a video on Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence making paper animals.  WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?!  I really do find it relaxing to zone out on my phone, but when I look back at the clock I'm astonished by how much time has passed.  I need that time before bed to read, or talk, or watch a show or SLEEP! This is going to be a serious act of self discipline, but I'm going for it.


The good news is I've taken these for a test drive for the past 2 weeks, and they seem pretty doable! Some are coming more naturally (clean eating) and some I suck at (the phone! Gah!) but regardless, I'm excited to use these to feel more energized, more confident, and to free up my mind to be present and silly and loving and caring and crazy - all those things that I feel I genuinely am and want to continue to be...the best version of me.

Happy New Year Everyone! Cheers to page 1 of 365 (or page 10 because it's January 10th but whatever) and here's hoping for a successful 2018!

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