Welp. Here I am.  I had mentioned earlier this summer to my Instagram followers that Mama’s Daily Fit was under construction with a new direction in mind that I’m really excited about, and TADA here it is! Mama’s Daily! To learn more about what Mama’s Daily is, read here

I thought it only appropriate to make my first post a FIT post.  It’s where my blogger my life started and I wanted to pay homage to a transformational time in my life.  Hang with me on this one as it’s a little long, but I promise we’ll get to the point.

What began as a #100fitdays challenge on Instagram in the winter of 2014, turned into a passion for blogging and everyday fitness.  I found that by spending anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour on my fitness everyday caused transformational results.  Yes my body changed (and recovered from having 4 kids) but the best part was the mental health and happiness that came from all of this.  I don't slay at the gym (unless I feel like it). Life is too stressful already to feel like you “have” to work out.  I’ve learned to make it my own. I pick something active everyday that I'm in the mood to do, whether it be yoga, arms, abs or a walk with the family.  Like I always say, IT COUNTS!

So fast forward to summer 2017 and I’m swimming in the sea of summer activities, working from home, all 4 kids with me and trying to balance health and family and responsibility. Sounds familiar? I thought so. Sometimes I’m an Kardashian Yacht cruising through life’s waters looking GOOD.  Sometimes I’m an actual sinking ship. Like maybe on fire. Probably being robbed by pirates. Trying to fit fitness somewhere in between this mildly effective sea analogy was really stressful. There was a direct correlation to starting the day off in work out clothes and not working out. It just was always pushed down the list for the day.

I decided I needed to fit it in in the morning. This way it wouldn't weigh over me all day.  But what about my reasons why not to? We usually get visited by someone in the middle of the night to tell us she had a bad dream about Teddy Bears (eye roll). The twins woke up at 5:30am all summer long.  We stay up way too late. We do too much.  My list, like everyone else’s, goes on and on. I thought for sure that if I added one more thing to my list, that I might actually literally die, but I promised myself to try an early wake up for 7 days. Just 7 days. If I hated it, I’d stop, but I had at least given it a fair shot.

Let’s set this up as a true experiment:

Test: Wake up at 5am every day. Start coffee. Work out for 30 minutes. Read or organize myself for 30 minutes. Shower before everyone wakes up (most days!).

Hypothesis: One will perish/cease to exist/not survive if they wake up at 5am (erhm 515)

Data Collection: 

And now the Communication of my Results:

I’M ALIVE So that’s good news. I have to say I knew this would happen. I’m sorry for being dramatic earlier. I have 2 early birds that I follow on Facebook that are super inspirational, so I knew this would turn out ok.  Healthy Wife Mom Life once said that if you wait for your kids to all sleep through the night, you’ll never do anything. No truer words have ever been spoken to me.  My second early bird influence is My Rabbit Trails. She’s got a full life plate and uses the quiet of the morning to think. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Side note, did I mention that we were all Delta Gamma's at Miami together? #anchorsaway

I LOVE SILENCE I don’t get to complain about how loud it is in my house because I’m super loud myself. I love being loud.  If you don’t agree with me, maybe I’ll say it louder? Just kidding. That’s the worst. But it turns out that I salivate for silence. I can hear the cable box humming in the morning it’s so quiet.  The quiet has turned out to be my favorite part of this experiment.

BRAINS NEED MUTE BUTTONS Good god, if I could just shut my thoughts up, I would.  From the moment my alarm goes off, I start negotiating with myself about going back to bed. I talk so fast for 5am!! I run through how tired I am, maybe I could snooze, do I really need 30 minutes for each, do I really need to shower today. Finally I realize that I actually haven’t been sleeping for the past 8 minutes of self negotiations and just get out of bed.  No regrets yet.

ORGANIZATION IS KEY If you’re finding this even remotely motivational, then my suggestion would be to get organized. Ok that’s my suggestion for everything (or drink water), but set your clothes out the night before and pre load the coffee maker.  I also keep a running reading list in my notes section of my phone full of articles that I start to read but don’t have the time to finish or just general topics I wanted to research a little.  I also keep a Pinterest board of all the workouts I like to do at home.

SHIT HAPPENS We knew this, right? The power goes out. Someone’s teething. Someone hears you and wakes up (yeah right, I’m a ninja). My point is that sometimes life gets in the way of a perfect science experiment and that’s ok.  Actually the one day the power was out and everyone got up in the 5am hour was initially devastating.  There went my time that was mine all mine. But then I realized I get that time back tomorrow.

I’M HOOKED Change is so good, especially when it’s to better yourself. In this season of life, I need to fit this in in the morning. No longer do I wonder when will I’ll fit in a work out, when will I fit in a shower, when will I get to read that one thing. I’ve made the time and it feels awesome!

In conclusion, I survived waking up early, despite my hypothesis. My morning routine is here to stay! Yes there are some kinks to work out on the weekends, and I don’t know what I’d do if we’re on vacation or something, but I’m still learning in life that you don’t have to have it all figured out.  So, if you’re up call me! Just kidding. Don’t. Seriously. I’m enjoying my silence.